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  • 5 Ways to Keep Money from Dividing a Family (Couples)

5 Ways to Keep Money from Dividing a Family (Couples)

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1. We conduct 1-hour lunch time (or breakfast, tea time or any convenient time) talk in your office.

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About 36% of families* in Singapore go through divorce due to financial issues. However, this can be avoided if they have the know-how and insights on how to plan for their loved ones since the start. This seminar will guide you on how to ensure that your children can avoid family or financial tussle among themselves and your in-laws.


  • The 5 ways to avoid disputes between the family
  • How can you ensure that your wealth is distributed properly to your descendants?
  • Difference between ownership and the right to stay in the property
  • Learn the relevant laws and regulations that might affect your distribution

*As per records in year 2015.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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