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Estate Planning for Family (age 30 & above)

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1. We conduct 1-hour lunch time (or breakfast, tea time or any convenient time) talk in your office.

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How do you prevent an inheritance windfall? How do you ensure that each child gets his rightful entitlement? How do you ensure that they continue to live happily in harmony after the day has arrived? Estate Planning for Families seminar aims to demystify the blind spots associated with a family will. It is highly recommended for families with children, from young minors to grown-up age. Lastly, learn the most common and effective tools that parents of this modern age are using to equip their children with when it comes to leaving money behind.


  • Addressing the extra steps involved with parents versus singles about estate planning
  • Demystifying the need for a family will – Do you really need a family will?
  • Family money feuds – how to prevent it
  • Leaving behind an efficient estate for your children
  • Common and efficient ways to leave money behind

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