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Leaving a Priceless Legacy?

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This topic is mainly crafted for individuals who have loved ones to provide for after their demise.

Many a time, people are only concerned about how to increase and leave behind large legacies to their dependents. What is often left out is the ease and liquidity of their inheritance. There are also cases where surviving beneficiaries fight over ambiguous intentions and resulting in costly lawsuits. The talk also brings in the relevant laws and regulations that will possibly have an impact on the distributional steps.

At the end of the day, your loved-ones will surely appreciate the efforts by you and how they can receive their share with minimal delay and headaches.


  • Highlight 3 major “killer” misconception on Estate Planning
  • Provides practical steps in ensuring that your family would be well taken care of should you leave the picture
  • Step by step process on how you can provide a hassle-free estate for your loved ones
  • How to establish a 3-step estate strategy for your dependents

*Highly recommended for individuals who have loved ones to provide for even after demise.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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