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Let’s Breath and Move – Finding Peace, Life and Work

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1. We conduct 1-hour lunch time (or breakfast, tea time or any convenient time) talk in your office.

2. Min 30 attendees for free trial. Have less than 30 attendees? Call us or chat with us now.


Busy at work, busy at home, busy life. Feel like a robot or zombie just a day after day the same routine. Our lifestyles can be hectic… have you ever just felt you need space… you need to find inner peace and balance back into your life.


  • A hands-on approach at helping you to discover the journey of finding inner peace
  • Learn how to centre your mind and body, through movements and breathing exercises
  • Still-ness (mindfulness); breathing methods & Movement and stretching exercises which you can do to help you find that peace and results in a reducing tension and anxiety in our lives

*Terms and conditions apply.

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