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The very best in their respective fields at your disposal.

Vinz Low

Taiji Trainer

Vinz is a professional member with American College of Sports Medicine, and he is also a Muay Tai Coach with World Muay Thai Organisation…

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Koh Yu Yuan

Nutritionist, Health Can Be Fun

Driven by his passion for nutritional knowledge since young, Yu Yuan pursed his studies in Temasek Polytechnic and Curtin University, Perth, Australia where he graduated with a Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition and a Degree in Bachelor of Science (Nutrition).

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Fiona Chia

Founder of Health Can Be Fun

Fiona is recognised by Health Promotion Board as an Accredited Workplace Health Consultant. She has been developing nutritional frameworks and guiding companies in designing effective health initiatives.

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Ray Goh

Zumba Instructor

To expand his area of expertise in Zumba, he has attended many speciality courses such as Zumba Toning, Zumba Kids, Zumba Step, etc. To gain greater exposure, he has accepted many invitations to collaborate with ZINs (Zumba Instructor Network) and ZESs (Zumba Education Specialist) internationally.

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Eugene Soo Ziting

Estate Specialist, CHFC, AEPP, BBA Honours

Eugene is a sought-after Specialist in the arena of Estate Planning and Legacy Planning. He is well known for his extensive knowledge and practical insights.

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Phyllis Guwe

Entrepreneur | Public Speaker | Trainer | Natural Healing & Wellness Health Advocate

Graduated from National University of Singapore (Chemistry) 20 years experience in Fragrance Industry (Product Development, Sales, Management) Featured Speaker at Harvard University Expert Forum in 2016

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Dr Shaan Rai

Vitality Chiropractor Centre

Dr Shaan (UK) attained his masters in Chiropractic after 5 years of study at AECC, working outside of London before moving to South East Asia.

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Colin Koh

Financial Services Manager

Mr Colin Koh is currently holding the post of a Financial Services Manager. He joined Financial Planning and Wealth Management industry in 1995, starting as an insurance advisor in Great Eastern Life. 

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Healing Hands Chiropractic

Healing Hands is a certified chiropractic & neuro-musculoskeletal rehabilitation clinic. We provide state of the art facility that utilizes the most advanced technology in physical diagnostics and holistic chiropractic & rehabilitative treatments while providing a comfortable and open environment for each individual patient.

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Yoga Lah Pte Ltd

Linda started her yoga practices 6 years ago and found her passion in Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Wu Tao Therapy Dance. She believes that both Yoga and Therapy Dance are practices that quiets the mind, body and soul, a perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are and enables you to experience inner bliss, be able to express yourself through yoga and dance movements and to get people to relax and unwind.
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Andy Peh

Senior Financial Services Manager

As a professional speaker, Andy Peh is a popular sought after speaker for many corporate talks. He conducts public and corporate seminars on a regular basis.

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Kevin Chiak

Fitness Movement Pte Ltd

Kevin Chiak is a multiple time national champion bodybuilder and a stalwart of the Singapore bodybuilding and physique sports scene. He has founded FITNESS MOVEMENT in 2013, which has expanded into an integrated fitness and sports media platform comprises of event management, talent management, corporate fitness & wellness solutions, training & development.

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Yuan Zhong Siu

Feng Shui Company

Having conducted meticulous research on geomancy and life analysis for decades, Yuan Zhong Siu’s wealth of knowledge is further attributed to the years of experience and diverse case studies each master has chalked up to their name.

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Eugene Seah

Speaker, Coach, Trainer

Eugene is one of Singapore’s most entertaining, engaging and effective trainers in cross-culture and business ethics. He is effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin, and has coached companies from various industries, including GIC, PwC, Sony, Bank of Singapore, BHP Billiton, Phillip Securities, YKK AP Facade and Interush.
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Patsy Chia

Patsy Chia is a working grandmother who has been looking after her mother, Mdm, Mary Lai, who has been stricken with dementia for the past 8 years.

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Michael Chua

Michael Chua, has been in the Human Services since the 90s, working with various community service organizations working with a wide range of clients. He joined the community services as a Rehab instructor and worked his way to become a Youth worker/ Counselor.

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Pearlene Lim

Clinical Psychologist

When people experience severe stressors or rough patches in life, they commonly feel like their lives are unraveling. My passion is in walking alongside my clients on the journey of recovery, finding them to develop healthier mindsets and habits so that they can have healthier and more positive views of themselves.

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Nicole Carol Tay

Founder of Symphony Scentsations

Nicole is the founder of Symphony Scentsations. Symphony Scentsations conducts a series of DIY workshops, such as creating your own Personalized Perfume, Jewellery Making and Soap Making using therapeutic-grade Essential Oils.

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Ong Ke Min

Nutritionist, Health Can Be Fun

Graduated with a dual major in Food Science & Nutrition from the University of Queensland, Australia, Ke Min takes a great interest in the nutrition field and is constantly updating herself with the latest nutritional trends and research.

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Wu Nan Nan

Nutritionist, Health Can Be Fun

Graduated with a bachelor degree in Food and Nutritional Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Nana has a great passion for food and nutrition.

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Jeffrey Seow

Certified Strengths SchoolT™️ Coach

Jeffrey is a Certified Strengths School™️ Coach and part of the Corporate Advisory arm at Strengths School™️. Jeffrey’s passion lies in empowering people with tools to develop self-awareness and confidence. He is anchored in his belief that every human interaction is on purpose and carries the potential to transform lives positively.
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Sports & Cardiology Centre

We are an integrated fitness centre, where we combine medical and fitness expertise to help our clients attain their health and weight loss goals safely and effectively. We are a subsidiary of the Asian Heart and Vascular Centre (AHVC), a complete specialist heart centre in Singapore.

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Lemuel Lee

Exercise Physiologist, Sports & Cardiology Centre

Lemuel is passionate about everything related to sports and physical activity. A self – proclaimed adrenaline junkie, he started racing in 2005 and has represented Singapore in races like the Asian Cycling Championships and Tour de Langkawi, and raced professionally in the UCI AsiaTour circuit for OCBC Pro Continental Cycling Team.

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Eleanor Tay

Clinical Fitness Coach, Sports & Cardiology Centre

Eleanor Tay is the clinical fitness coach at the Sports and Cardiology Centre, and she is hugely passionate about teaching and empowering her clients to exercise, eat and live well to optimize their health.

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Nathanael Seers Ong


Nathanael Seers Ong is the founder of DASETi, a counsellor, hypnotherapist and coach. As a Choice Theory Reality Therapy certified practitioner registered with the William Glasser Institute (WGI), Nathanael believes that choices people make is the key to understand human relationships.
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Dr Tim Errington

Total Health Chiropractic

Dr Tim Errington describes his early years as a journey of learning. In engineering, he traveled the world working with the laws of the universe, developing a deep understanding of how things can be built to last.
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Clarence Cheong

Financial Services Manager

As an award winning Senior Financial Services Manager, Clarence specializes in providing financial advice to clients, representing a multi-provider platform. Professionally, he holds a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification with FPAS.

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